“Within the bowels of these elements,

Where we are tortur’d and remain forever.

Where we are is hell, and where hell is,

There must we ever be.” ~ Mephostophilis


I lie awake at night, contemplating all the choices that I know I made wrong.

I had everything and yet I had nothing, nothing to make me see the darkness that had shrouded my vision. Now, I look around and all I find are voices telling me to die, die a horrible death.


Looking back at time turned, I see an innocent girl smiling from the pictures taken not long ago. I hate myself now, I hate what I have become. Didn’t I have everything? What more was I seeking then? Why did I not see what I was doing then? All questions with no answers, just a fake slapped on smile to carry on.


The truth is, we actually are in hell. There is no such thing as heaven above and hell below, this ACTUALLY IS HELL! Sometimes I think maybe God never made us, else would there have been so much of sadness? I know this is a pretty controversial thing I am pointing at right now but I do not intend to stir up any kind of agnosticism, it’s my point plain. Satan cooked us all up so He could watch us all play puppeteer to his grand show. Who on earth would you ever consider truly happy? Some say the rich while others say the sages. Are you kidding me? No one in this godforsaken place is happy. Even the new born babe is in acute pain and surprise about what is happening around it. So to sum it up, we are all in some sort of torment and torture.


Why do we even live then? Well, we do because we are given glimpses of happiness to tempt us to live on. God does not give us that momentary happiness; Satan does, so He could coax us into this façade called life. If so ever there is a God then we the souls on earth have been thrown from wherever this paradise of heaven is into the bowels of hell, which we call home. We are the fallen angels as well and earth is our hell.


Author: sabrina_aziz

Everything is better with some wine in the belly.

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