Aproned waist, dust-cloth in hand,

Sweeping and dusting, this job is grand!

Tired, frustrated and fuming, suddenly it fell

That  box of photographs  where memories dwell.


Laughter, hugs and the sudden outbursts of fury,

My brothers and I, we were like a big menagerie.

Oh that rocking horse! Oh my broken tooth!

For that delicious  toffee  and then came his swinging foot.

This tear on my cheek, does it still sting?

My toothless smile and oh look, my cute fringe!

Five, the candles on my cake I blow,

Mommy leaning over me with that glow.

Warm and caring, the love she emanates,

The smell of her bosom, her younger days.

Buzz goes the bell, shaking me from my reverie,

Enters my son with his football and oh so dirty!

My angel, my breath, in you I see

My lost mischiefs, my childhood set free.




Author: sabrina_aziz

Everything is better with some wine in the belly.

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