The Kitchen-Rekha

via Daily Prompt: Territory

The pungent aroma of her achars (pickles), Mrs. Barua sniffed the jar and gave it a swirl. Yes, its coming along nicely, they always do. Just a few more days in the sun and it will be ready to devour. She is smiling, oh and humming a tune, well today is a special day after all. Mrs. Barua is going to show the colleagues of Mr. Ankush Barua what a great cook she is. The promotion party of her man starts in just a few hours. Tut-tut, no time to waste.

The meat has been nicely marinating, now to put them in the oven. Probably the cakes have cooled down too, frosting is in order. Oh Mrs. Barua loves doing this! She is like a magician with her piping bag and nozzles. Three hours of constant labour, the attention to detail and voila! Everyone is sure to admire her work of art. Moving on, she whisks and stirs, bakes and grills, meanwhile, time decides to run marathons. The dessert needs to chill a while, Mrs. Barua puts the panna cotta in the freezer and then buzz goes the bell.

Mr. Ankush Barua looks disapprovingly at his wife. The house is in a mess, “My God woman! What have you been doing all day? The guests will start arriving any moment now. Is this your way of humiliating me? (Naak katwana chahti hain mera logo ke samne?)”

Oh no time to loose! Mrs. Barua zooms around the house sweeping like a pro, the dishes have been completed in record time. “Chai!”, Mr. Ankush Barua commanded while flicking through the channels. She lays the food out on the dining table and makes the tea.

Setting the tea on the table, Mrs. Barua now decides to clean herself up. She takes a few steps when the bell rings again. “Oh Lord! The guests have already arrived. No time to freshen up now, I have to attend them.”

Mrs. Barua was a good host. They all ate to their hearts content and before leaving congratulated Mr. Ankush Barua again on his promotion. Shutting the door he looks at his wife and says, “The party was a success, they all admired the house and genuinely seemed to be happy about my promotion. It has certainly been a long day. I think I deserve a good long sleep. You can fetch me a glass of milk.”

Mr. Ankush Barua heads for the bedroom and Mrs. Barua to the kitchen. Its almost midnight and a lot of dishes to be scrubbed. The MBA topper of her university, Mrs. Barua warms the milk and sighs as she resigns to her territory.


Author: sabrina_aziz

Everything is better with some wine in the belly.

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