Until Later

I was lost in the bliss of serendipity,
The whole wold an accolade of your love.
Our devotion was all so blissful and heavenly,
It soared pure and high and true like the dove.

Somewhere in between I abandoned the boat;
Confused and can’t deny, utterly immature,
Bewitched and confounded by a strange allure,
I jumped into the ocean and struggled  to stay afloat.

I was tossed and turned by a storm of deception;
All a blur or just a figment of my imagination?
I managed to rise and fall and rise again
And just a devilish voice that from you I must abstain.

Yes, we have grown in our own harsh ways,
Yet weeping in memory of our sweet days.
I’m sorry, darling and it’s been years now:
We have ended it, we broke our vow.

I made a mistake,yes i took a wrong turn,
The misery of a thousand years has just begun.
The grief and despair strangles and chokes me,
My life now is all but depression and melancholy.

Nothing can change, we wish and can’t turn back time.
I know hoping to be with you now is a crime
But I want u to know and i want you to remember
I shall always love you and forever miss you,
Withstanding the test of time, Cupid has destined our together.
Forevermore, our innocent love is always by far greater,
But till then, darling it’s  until later.

via Daily Prompt: Later


Author: sabrina_aziz

Everything is better with some wine in the belly.

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