IN YOUR MEMORY DADDY… (d.o.b 1963 d.o.d 2013)

I pick up my pen to write about you
But grief choke me up, Abba I miss you.
I close my eyes and let my imagination run,
Daddy is it you near me????
Kissing my forehead and telling me you love me??
“Sabrina, my princess…..”
I can hear you Abba calling me.

2013 the onset of a new year
And on the very first day it took you away from me.
Hordes of people thronged our doorstep,
Your students paid their last homage,
And I wish all that would bring you back to me.

Relatives I barely remember told me your tales
With a smile on their lips and tears in their eyes;
You were a man gifted by Athena
And carved by Aphrodite herself
You were intelligent beyond words
And handsome beyond measure, they all said.
It was nothing but true and to that I agree.

You so loved animals and brought home even a monkey,
Not to mention our dog, those love birds and
Even a python that scared the hell out of everybody.
You were a man of the most impressive decree
And I am proud that you are my daddy.

Just a whiff of you is not enough
This is not how our lives were supposed to be.
Its been 13 years since I last saw you,
I want to take it all back, above all I want ‘you’ back;
Although fate has dealt its cards
And its cruel and its harsh,
I shall never stop hoping,
I shall never stop praying
That the river flows back,
The flowers becomes buds
And I go back in time to save you Abba
And keep you safe in my arms….




Author: sabrina_aziz

Everything is better with some wine in the belly.

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