By The Brook

Chance had little part to play with my knowing this man I love, in the small town of our paddy field farmers. Such a pleasant boy he was. We danced in the barn, coyly sipped some wine and watched the night sky. He was happy here with me. Sealing our fate with a band in my finger. We built that house together on the outskirts of the paddy field. He made me a crown of roses and kissed my hands. Meandering thoughts of a meagre livelihood but bountiful tranquility calmed me.

He put his head on my lap as I sat by the brook collecting autumn leaves of maple. I told him about an angel on the way, we danced in the brook that day. The bush-fairies danced to our tune and made magic in the breeze.

Then, the sun rapidly left us. I sat alone by the brook. The wind sometimes brought me his love as it touched my skin. The pixies would often hum our tune and the water would just sadly moan.

It came! I saw him again with all the pretty innocence. But he would not sing to me. I took him to the brook and he would not embrace me. The magic here made our angel inside dance every time, I took his hand to feel and yet the euphoria I envisioned was amiss.

I sent a good man, hearty and whole; nonetheless, the war has sent back my man in a box. I sat by the brook as the fairies covered him up with maple leaves. I said goodbye and the sun forever set in my bliss.



IN YOUR MEMORY DADDY… (d.o.b 1963 d.o.d 2013)

I pick up my pen to write about you
But grief choke me up, Abba I miss you.
I close my eyes and let my imagination run,
Daddy is it you near me????
Kissing my forehead and telling me you love me??
“Sabrina, my princess…..”
I can hear you Abba calling me.

2013 the onset of a new year
And on the very first day it took you away from me.
Hordes of people thronged our doorstep,
Your students paid their last homage,
And I wish all that would bring you back to me.

Relatives I barely remember told me your tales
With a smile on their lips and tears in their eyes;
You were a man gifted by Athena
And carved by Aphrodite herself
You were intelligent beyond words
And handsome beyond measure, they all said.
It was nothing but true and to that I agree.

You so loved animals and brought home even a monkey,
Not to mention our dog, those love birds and
Even a python that scared the hell out of everybody.
You were a man of the most impressive decree
And I am proud that you are my daddy.

Just a whiff of you is not enough
This is not how our lives were supposed to be.
Its been 13 years since I last saw you,
I want to take it all back, above all I want ‘you’ back;
Although fate has dealt its cards
And its cruel and its harsh,
I shall never stop hoping,
I shall never stop praying
That the river flows back,
The flowers becomes buds
And I go back in time to save you Abba
And keep you safe in my arms….