IN YOUR MEMORY DADDY… (d.o.b 1963 d.o.d 2013)

I pick up my pen to write about you
But grief choke me up, Abba I miss you.
I close my eyes and let my imagination run,
Daddy is it you near me????
Kissing my forehead and telling me you love me??
“Sabrina, my princess…..”
I can hear you Abba calling me.

2013 the onset of a new year
And on the very first day it took you away from me.
Hordes of people thronged our doorstep,
Your students paid their last homage,
And I wish all that would bring you back to me.

Relatives I barely remember told me your tales
With a smile on their lips and tears in their eyes;
You were a man gifted by Athena
And carved by Aphrodite herself
You were intelligent beyond words
And handsome beyond measure, they all said.
It was nothing but true and to that I agree.

You so loved animals and brought home even a monkey,
Not to mention our dog, those love birds and
Even a python that scared the hell out of everybody.
You were a man of the most impressive decree
And I am proud that you are my daddy.

Just a whiff of you is not enough
This is not how our lives were supposed to be.
Its been 13 years since I last saw you,
I want to take it all back, above all I want ‘you’ back;
Although fate has dealt its cards
And its cruel and its harsh,
I shall never stop hoping,
I shall never stop praying
That the river flows back,
The flowers becomes buds
And I go back in time to save you Abba
And keep you safe in my arms….




Until Later

I was lost in the bliss of serendipity,
The whole wold an accolade of your love.
Our devotion was all so blissful and heavenly,
It soared pure and high and true like the dove.

Somewhere in between I abandoned the boat;
Confused and can’t deny, utterly immature,
Bewitched and confounded by a strange allure,
I jumped into the ocean and struggled  to stay afloat.

I was tossed and turned by a storm of deception;
All a blur or just a figment of my imagination?
I managed to rise and fall and rise again
And just a devilish voice that from you I must abstain.

Yes, we have grown in our own harsh ways,
Yet weeping in memory of our sweet days.
I’m sorry, darling and it’s been years now:
We have ended it, we broke our vow.

I made a mistake,yes i took a wrong turn,
The misery of a thousand years has just begun.
The grief and despair strangles and chokes me,
My life now is all but depression and melancholy.

Nothing can change, we wish and can’t turn back time.
I know hoping to be with you now is a crime
But I want u to know and i want you to remember
I shall always love you and forever miss you,
Withstanding the test of time, Cupid has destined our together.
Forevermore, our innocent love is always by far greater,
But till then, darling it’s  until later.

via Daily Prompt: Later

Hymn to Goddess Lakshmi

Invoking thy Holy Mother,
I humbly light the earthen Deepak.
Blessed thou Nurture of Fortune,
Blessed thine Lotus Feet!
Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Om
Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Om

Thy benevolence illuminates
The essence of our being,
We call forth your divine presence,
Let the earthen diyas be your guide.
Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Om
Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Om

Patient the farmer,
Thine grace his armour,
Oh Dhanya Laxmi!
Bleeding heart, crushed by betray,
Calling forth for perseverance,
Oh Dharya Laxmi!
The resonance of the shankha,
The echo of victory evermore,
Oh Vijaya Laxmi!
The benefactor of fortune,
Blessing of our prosperity,
Oh Dhana Laxmi!

Bejewelled and dressed in red,
Shakti of divine Shree Hari Vishnu!
Praises thine holy appearance,
Reverence oh Mother Jagadishwari!
Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Om
Om Shree Mahalakshmyai Om

via Daily Prompt: Fortune


Sybil To Kill

Drenched in body, taken hold in spirit
Sagging and drooping her skin,
Scanty the white scalp with sparse hair.
Soft and feeble, there she stands
Staring and staring into the abyss,
The mirror she searches for answers.

The years have been long and slow
Death is a friend; she feared the sickle no more.
Oh Apollo the benevolent curser!
Immortality his boon, age his bane,
Left a desire turned sour.
Fanciful vanity long over.

Dagger shining bright, the nymph
The throat she slit, now festooned on decay.
Drip, drip, drip it falls, the manna,
This dew from the shrine of death.
Ecstasy, as though the final thrust
Of the titan reducing her to convulsions.

Red the bowl, red her lips
The taste of the elixir her mouth receives.
This oracle she owned, crystal bowl showed clear.
The gown she drops, her body to revere;
Behold her slender waist and her sultry demeanour!
Beauty regained, youth restored, triumphant her demonic endeavour.

via Daily Prompt: Elixir

Auf Wiedersehen

Oh those pangs of a new love!
And cupid’s arrow struck every time,
It was surreal, it was sublime.

The flutterings at just a glance,
The skipping of heartbeat at a touch,
Heavenly were those days of lazy summer crush.


Sitting in the porch lost in heavenly bliss,
Staring into those eyes and nothing stood amiss.
It was perfect, it was pure, it’s something i still pursue
For lovely was our rendezvous.

The cute love nest we built
I have now emblazoned in gilt.
I have loved you, i have missed you
But darling now its forever “adieu”




Aproned waist, dust-cloth in hand,

Sweeping and dusting, this job is grand!

Tired, frustrated and fuming, suddenly it fell

That  box of photographs  where memories dwell.


Laughter, hugs and the sudden outbursts of fury,

My brothers and I, we were like a big menagerie.

Oh that rocking horse! Oh my broken tooth!

For that delicious  toffee  and then came his swinging foot.

This tear on my cheek, does it still sting?

My toothless smile and oh look, my cute fringe!

Five, the candles on my cake I blow,

Mommy leaning over me with that glow.

Warm and caring, the love she emanates,

The smell of her bosom, her younger days.

Buzz goes the bell, shaking me from my reverie,

Enters my son with his football and oh so dirty!

My angel, my breath, in you I see

My lost mischiefs, my childhood set free.



Wishful Thinking

I need some romance, I want some hugs.
I need some glitterati, I want some class.
I need some jazz, I want some moments.
I need some laughter, I want some sadness.

A glass of Champaign, some buzzes…..
Laying on the grass, awaiting some knights…..

Pristine lakes and snowball fights,
Lost in the haze of fairy lights.

Green meadows and sunset in pastures.
Holding hands and other warm gestures.

A Victorian gown with a hat or a crown.
Longing for a kiss and never feeling down.
Touched by magic, Elves and fairies
A lost world and some crazy adventure stories.