Sybil To Kill

Drenched in body, taken hold in spirit
Sagging and drooping her skin,
Scanty the white scalp with sparse hair.
Soft and feeble, there she stands
Staring and staring into the abyss,
The mirror she searches for answers.

The years have been long and slow
Death is a friend; she feared the sickle no more.
Oh Apollo the benevolent curser!
Immortality his boon, age his bane,
Left a desire turned sour.
Fanciful vanity long over.

Dagger shining bright, the nymph
The throat she slit, now festooned on decay.
Drip, drip, drip it falls, the manna,
This dew from the shrine of death.
Ecstasy, as though the final thrust
Of the titan reducing her to convulsions.

Red the bowl, red her lips
The taste of the elixir her mouth receives.
This oracle she owned, crystal bowl showed clear.
The gown she drops, her body to revere;
Behold her slender waist and her sultry demeanour!
Beauty regained, youth restored, triumphant her demonic endeavour.

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


Auf Wiedersehen

Oh those pangs of a new love!
And cupid’s arrow struck every time,
It was surreal, it was sublime.

The flutterings at just a glance,
The skipping of heartbeat at a touch,
Heavenly were those days of lazy summer crush.


Sitting in the porch lost in heavenly bliss,
Staring into those eyes and nothing stood amiss.
It was perfect, it was pure, it’s something i still pursue
For lovely was our rendezvous.

The cute love nest we built
I have now emblazoned in gilt.
I have loved you, i have missed you
But darling now its forever “adieu”




Aproned waist, dust-cloth in hand,

Sweeping and dusting, this job is grand!

Tired, frustrated and fuming, suddenly it fell

That  box of photographs  where memories dwell.


Laughter, hugs and the sudden outbursts of fury,

My brothers and I, we were like a big menagerie.

Oh that rocking horse! Oh my broken tooth!

For that delicious  toffee  and then came his swinging foot.

This tear on my cheek, does it still sting?

My toothless smile and oh look, my cute fringe!

Five, the candles on my cake I blow,

Mommy leaning over me with that glow.

Warm and caring, the love she emanates,

The smell of her bosom, her younger days.

Buzz goes the bell, shaking me from my reverie,

Enters my son with his football and oh so dirty!

My angel, my breath, in you I see

My lost mischiefs, my childhood set free.



Wishful Thinking

I need some romance, I want some hugs.
I need some glitterati, I want some class.
I need some jazz, I want some moments.
I need some laughter, I want some sadness.

A glass of Champaign, some buzzes…..
Laying on the grass, awaiting some knights…..

Pristine lakes and snowball fights,
Lost in the haze of fairy lights.

Green meadows and sunset in pastures.
Holding hands and other warm gestures.

A Victorian gown with a hat or a crown.
Longing for a kiss and never feeling down.
Touched by magic, Elves and fairies
A lost world and some crazy adventure stories.



“Within the bowels of these elements,

Where we are tortur’d and remain forever.

Where we are is hell, and where hell is,

There must we ever be.” ~ Mephostophilis


I lie awake at night, contemplating all the choices that I know I made wrong.

I had everything and yet I had nothing, nothing to make me see the darkness that had shrouded my vision. Now, I look around and all I find are voices telling me to die, die a horrible death.


Looking back at time turned, I see an innocent girl smiling from the pictures taken not long ago. I hate myself now, I hate what I have become. Didn’t I have everything? What more was I seeking then? Why did I not see what I was doing then? All questions with no answers, just a fake slapped on smile to carry on.


The truth is, we actually are in hell. There is no such thing as heaven above and hell below, this ACTUALLY IS HELL! Sometimes I think maybe God never made us, else would there have been so much of sadness? I know this is a pretty controversial thing I am pointing at right now but I do not intend to stir up any kind of agnosticism, it’s my point plain. Satan cooked us all up so He could watch us all play puppeteer to his grand show. Who on earth would you ever consider truly happy? Some say the rich while others say the sages. Are you kidding me? No one in this godforsaken place is happy. Even the new born babe is in acute pain and surprise about what is happening around it. So to sum it up, we are all in some sort of torment and torture.


Why do we even live then? Well, we do because we are given glimpses of happiness to tempt us to live on. God does not give us that momentary happiness; Satan does, so He could coax us into this façade called life. If so ever there is a God then we the souls on earth have been thrown from wherever this paradise of heaven is into the bowels of hell, which we call home. We are the fallen angels as well and earth is our hell.

The Failed Love Affair


“Hey Darling!”

“Hi Sweetheart! What are you doing up at this time of the night?”

“What are you saying baby, it’s just 12.30 a.m. The night is still young.”

“Oh is that so now. Well guess what, my mehandi still hasn’t dried off and I’m messing my phone all up with the stains.”

“Aww! I’m sorry to cause this trouble baby.”

“Well I have the phone stick to type with so that’s half the trouble less. Anyway, I’m so tensed about tomorrow. Marriage is not an easy thing, everyone says so”

“Hey! I will always have your back every step of the way. You know I love you right”

“Of course I do and I love you more. I was thinking about our cute dates in school and it makes me want to freeze the time there. Sigh, I wish we hadn’t grown up.”

“Baby, we all grow up and no matter how we desire time cannot be turned. But at least we had those days to reminiscence over when we grow old and possibly senile 😉 .”

“Today was, I guess, our last coffee date as a single.”

“Yes, baby, that it was. From tomorrow you will have a new get up. Sindoor, Mekhala-sadar, the works eh?”

“That’s true and I hope I look good in it. Darling, will you always love me like this no matter what?”

“Hey, haven’t I always. You are the meaning of my life and have been ever since I first laid my eyes on you. Oh you looked so cute with that ponytail and our school uniform! I loved you then and I will love you just the same always.”

“I know that. I may have made many mistakes but you never stopped loving me. Your love has what brought me to this day. I would never have had the guts to get married if it wasn’t for your encouragement and love. The days of our sweet past slipped right through our fingers like sand and I’m holding on to the last few grains now. Tomorrow will be a different chapter in our lives. I am so happy we had those wonderful times in our lives. And even though we never even kissed our love was fulfilled to last several lifetimes, don’t you think?”

“I agree darling. True love does not need lust to be fulfilled; it is just sweet nectar along an already sweet road. I can just look into your eyes and spend an entire lifetime without ever even touching your hand.”

“You have given me all that I desired and more my love. I know marriage is a big step and I will be true to it and I am ready now to face it.”

“I know you will darling, I know. You are a wonderful human being and you will prove to the world that you will make a good wife and when time comes mother as well. But now I think its time for you to go to bed. You definitely don’t want puffy eyes with that bridal look do you?”

“Oh no, I definitely don’t. Well I think its time to say goodnight then.”

“Goodbye baby. I love you.”

“Goodbye darling. I love you too.”

Anisha turned off her phone and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was tearstained. She has said her last goodbye to the one person she has ever loved and tomorrow when she marries Abhinash she will have washed away the last few grains of their love from her hands but just like her Mehandi the colour it left behind in her life will forever give her a reason to smile.

 Kushal looked at her Wattsapp DP for a long time before deleting the contact from his mobile. A few hours and his Anisha will be Mrs. Abhinash. Yes, he was happy for her and yes, he was also sad for their dying relationship. He knew that their lives were always headed towards different directions and there was nothing he could do about it. He closed his eyes and a single tear fell from his cheek as he asked, ”Why oh Lord, did you give me something I loved so much only to never really give it to me?” He then got onto bed looked at his sleeping wife, kissed her on the forehead and closed his eyes.

 And somewhere an Angel smiled for It knew that a lifetime was too short for Anisha and Kushal. They had a paradise of everafter waiting for them.


His Dream Woman

“You look breathtakingly pretty tonight baba!” Abhishek almost whispered when he looked at Neha that night.

“Thank you Abhi. “ Neha almost blushed as she sat down and shut the door of her car. “So where are you taking me? Are we going to the highway again?”

“Hmm, if you don’t want to go there than we can just go to a restaurant, but that way, all that we would be doing is eating dinner and rushing out soon after. I would rather collect Chinese takeout and have it in the car with the privacy of only us two baba.” Abhishek suggested while fondly stroking her head.

“We do it everyday”, Neha complained “and I dress up for nothing. Why do I take the trouble of doing it anyway if no one ever even gets to see me?”

“You do it so that I fall in love with you a little more each day.” Abhishek took her hands and kissed them. “So the highway then, my lady?”

“Yes, if we must.” surrendered Neha.

Abhishek started his Hyundai and they drove off into the night. All through the way he held Neha’s hand, letting go only to change his gear. There was no doubt that even after 7years of courting Neha he was still as smitten by her, as he was when he saw her for the first time in school. They had definitely come a long way since then, Abhishek was an Engineer now and he had a steady government job. He had hoped to ask Neha’s parents for her hand in marriage any day now but before that, he had to ask her if she was ready for the big step and he was going to do so today. They crossed a few popular hangouts and Abhishek stopped the car near a dhaba called Relaxy Inn. Immediately the sounds of insects filled his ears. Somewhere in the distance dogs were barking, the rumble of trucks zooming away like angry rhinos on the run, the crickets, frogs and insects, croaking, creaking and warbling and some hungry owls hooting in the distance; nature was alive that night.

A look of pain crossed Abhishek’s face. He looked transfixed at a big mango tree in the distance; its dark outline looked ghostly by the light of the moon and it looked slightly dented as though its big trunk was axed away a little. Neha touched Abhishek lightly on the shoulder and said,”Abhi, you look sad! This place is a little creepy don’t you think? We should stop coming here. I think its dangerous to hang out at a place that is so deserted. Anything could be out on the prowl at a place and time like this.”

“Baba, just listen to the night. There is nothing to be frightened of the dark, not when I’m with you at least. This is where I feel most connected to you for nothing can distract me from you at this place. I want a few uninterrupted moments to gaze upon your beauty. I mean just look at you; your pretty brown eyes are sparkling, your cute little nose looks almost edible, your smell is intoxicating and your lips; oh your lips make my mouth go dry.” Abhishek said with his voice getting huskier with every word, and he clutched her long hair with his left hand and passionately kissed her on the mouth.

“This is amazing”, he said as he paused in between his kisses, “I can never have enough of your lips. I love you so much Baba.” They broke apart when a motorbike crossed their car, lighting the semi-dark area with its headlight.

Neha took Abhishek’s cellphone from the dashboard and checking the time groaned, “Abhi its almost 8 and if we are to eat anything tonight than we’d better order the food. You know I can’t stay after that time.”

“I know about your deadlines Baba, but I just want a few more moments with you. I am not ready to let you go yet. And I had something really important to ask you.”

The moment had come, Abhishek took out a solitare from his pockets and looking steadfastly into Neha’s eyes he asked her, “Will you brighten my life a bit more and give me the honor of waking up to your pretty face everyday, Neha? Be the sunshine of my life Baba!” Abhishek held his breath waiting for an answer.

At that very moment, someone tapped the window of his car and Abhishek was shaken out of his reverie. He opened the window to see the familiar face of Inspector Baruah looking kindly down at him. “So here again eh, Bhaity? Even the scar on your forehead has healed but your heart hasn’t, has it? It’s become a ritual for me now to cross the highway, find you here and chase you home. I suppose almost 2 years have passed now but you will never stop looking for her will you? Go home Bhaity, your mother will be worried if you don’t reach home soon. Chalo, off with you!” Inspector Baruah admonished.

Abhishek started his car and left without another word but not without one last look at the mango tree, the place where he lost Neha 2years ago in that horrible accident. He had proposed to her that day, Neha’s face had lightened up and she had hugged Abhishek, slid the ring in her finger and was admiring it in the moonlight when a truck smashed into their car. The car slid sideways and hit the mango tree at the side where Neha was sitting. Both of them were perilously injured that day, Abhishek needed three major operations to live and Neha was in a coma for four days before she finally succumbed to her wounds. He never got to see her after the accident for Abhishek himself was in a semi-conscious state, and when he finally did recover from his physical wounds, Neha’s last rites were over.

The doctor’s termed it as a disease of the head that he saw Neha everyday but Abhishek knew that even Neha was not ready to let go of him yet. No matter what people said, his Neha was still around somehow and she did come to visit him just so that he could feel her touch and smell her presence everyday. She was helping him heal and survive in a life that stood stagnant ever since that fateful day.

Abhishek closed his eyes and whispered, “I love you Baba”, while tightly clutching the ring on his palms.

“I love you more”, Neha replied with much intensity from the seat beside Abhishek, which was empty for the rest of the world.